telefunken ac701 ac701ktelefunken ac701 ac701k
Telefunken AC 701 is well proven low noise triode for legendary Neumann microphones KM53, KM54, KM56, KM64. AC701K is AC701 specially selected for Neumann microphones in Telefunken’s laboratories.

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  1. George Reiff


    I am searching for an AC701k. Do you currently have any for sale? Let me know and thank you,

    George Reiff
    austin, Texas

    1. Bo-Lennart Karlsson

      Hi…. I have a TELEFUNKEN AC107k for sale. Are still intressted? I live in SWEDEN.
      I have tested it with an Ra 180K and 150M grid bias-resistor.Powered it up with 120Vdc for the anode and 4 volt for the filament.50 mV (1khz) to the grid, give about 950 mV out .

      1. Eric Yoshino

        How can I contact you Bo-Lennart? I’m interested in the valve

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