DL92 Telefunken 3S4 CV820

NOS in original Telefunken light blue boxes wrapped in celophane, never opened, all same codes. I have opened one box to see getter type. Print and Telefunken logo are perfect, made in Germany stamped on glass tube envelope and genuine Telefunken codes!

These directly heated output pentodes intended for use in small battery powered old portable and car radios ( Brown Piccolo P51, Lorenz Weekend, Grundig Grosse Boy, Schaub Amigo, …) become very popular nowdays in battery preamplifier constructions ( Bottlehead Quickie ) and headphone amplifiers. DL92 has fillament made of two identical sections, which can be connected even in series or parallel.

They are not diamond bottom, no mark in glass, just number 24 stamped in glass, but they are square D getter old type with 51015 codes on glass the same code like on boxes. On the base of tube Philips logo is printed ( R1A3 ), which indicates they were made in Mullard Radio valve Co., Mitcham factory. I don’t believe Telefunken has ever made DL92 in their plants in Ulm and Berlin.

5 thoughts on “DL92 Telefunken 3S4 CV820

  1. Pickcick

    I’m interested in your tube, the Telefunken DL92.
    Please advice how to make order? I would like to order just a small quantity, such as 2 or 4 tubes only. Thanks.
    Do you have any other brands for DL92/3S4, DF91/1T4 nad DF904/1U4?

    Best regards.


    Iā€™m interested this tubes (4 of them):
    DL92 Telefunken 3S4 CV820
    Are they available?
    Thank you!


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