ECC81 / 12AT7 is R.F. double triode originally designed for use as oscillator, mixer or amplifier in television receivers. But it’s also very suitable for audio preamplifers and phase inverters in push pull output amplifiers. ECC81 is a medium to high gain (μ approx 60) valve and has an anode impedance of 10,000 Ω.

12AT7 Brimar (Red Logo) Used
12AT7 Brimar (White Logo) Used
12AT7 General Electric
12AT7 Mullard Used
12AT7 RCA Gray plates
6201 (12AT7) Philips Made by Valvo, Hamburg 1962 (gold pins, ring getter)
6201 Sylvania E81CC – Gold Brand
E81CC Siemens
E81CC Siemens Used
E81CC  Siemens, diamond bottom, Telefunken made
ECC81 EI Yugo 12AT7 smooth Telefunken’s long gray plates
ECC81 Lorenz (extremely scarce 12AT7)
ECC81 Philips Used
ECC81 12AT7 Philips Holland Flat Foil Crossbar D Getter (Used) 49 euros matched pair
ECC 81 Philips Miniwatt (Suresnes, France, Radiotechnique plant, Tk2 F3I5 Philips codes)
ECC81 RFT ring getter
ECC81 RFT small ring getter
ECC81 RFT disc getter
ECC81 12AT7 Siemens
ECC81 Telefunken diamond mark on the bottom Used
ECC801S Karo, diamond mark, made by Telefunken
ECC801S Philips, made by Telefunken, triple mica, two plate side holes
ECC801S Telefunken used, tested

Noval socket, Uf = 6,3 or 12,6 V, If = 300 or 150 mA

Typical characteristic: Ua = 250 V, Ia = 10 mA, Ug = -2 V, S = 5,5 mA/V, μ = 60, Ri= 11 kΩ

Limiting values: Ua = 300 V, Wa = 2,5 W, Ik = 15 mA, Ug = -50 V, Uk/f = 90 V, Rg = 1 MΩ


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