These are geniuine Philips ECC81 12AT7, Made in Herlen, Holland, flat foil crossbar D getter, single plate hole and Tk1 delta 0A codes. Made in 1960 in Herlen tube plant
It’s also possible to find them labeled Amperex Bugle boy 12AT7 ECC81

ECC81 Philips 12AT7 D GetterECC81 Philips 12AT7 D GetterECC81 Philips 12AT7 D Getter

No side holes in plates, Tk1 Δ0A Heerlen code is clearly visible on 1st photo.
These tubes are used, but tested 90-105%. Here is shown perfectly matched quad.

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  1. P. Leger

    helloi loook for a quad of 12at7 available with measures at which price thank uphilippe

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