ECC82 12AU7 EI Yugoslavia Telefunken smooth plates></p>
<p>ECC82 12AU7 EI Yugoslavia (Serbia) made on Telefunken tools, smooth long plates 17mm</p>
<p>They are “two holes centered” version, <a href=more details about Telefunken types of ECC82 / 12AU7 and ECC83 / 12AX7

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  1. Abhik Mazumdar

    Looking to replace the stock 12au7 tubes on my Ayon triton II integrated amp.

    Interested in 3 mica seimens NOS.
    Six of them. Do you think they need to be matched?
    Shipping to new Delhi, India.

    Second choice Mullard Cv4003 or equivalent Brimar. There are thoughts about Telefunken also. Suggest?

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