Bulk packaging, original boxes of 50pcs, perfect true NOS El34 6CA7 Mullard Blackburn Made in Great Britain! They are made in 1974, Xf3 B4F1 codes, top mica spacer with 10 support points, folded plates (stapled), two slots on plates, black base with central hole in guiding pin. Almost all printing marks on tubes are perfect! As opposed to many other tube dealers, www.tubes.rs has big stock of many nos types, for example we have more than 100 pieces of EL34 6CA7 Mullard with same codes, and our matched pairs and quads are really “platinum” …

EL34 Mullard 6CA7 Xf3 Version EL34 Mullard 6CA7 Xf3 EL34 Mullard 6CA7 Xf3 EL34 Mullard 6CA7 Xf3

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  1. Leong Peng Li

    Dear Sir,

    I’d like to order one matched quad for my Dynaco ST-70. I had the same tubes 15 years ago, I use JJ / Tesla EL34 at the moment and they can’t compare with NOS Mullards , please repond to my email.



  2. Claro

    How much is your quad matched EL34 NOS Mullard plus shipping to Singapore?

  3. Alfred

    May I know , What is the price of your Mullard EL34 XF3 ? & Do you ship to Hong Kong?


    Boa Noite
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    24 Válvulas EL34
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  5. Jo Geelen


    Do you have and, do you want to send me a matched quad of Mullard EL34 XF3 ?
    and what’s the price ?

    Best Regards,
    Jo Geelen

  6. Nicolas Casimis

    Good morning from Athens Greece.
    I’d like to order (1 box) 50pcs, NOS El34 6CA7 Mullard Blackburn or in metal type if U have any.
    Can U please tell me cost and shipping charge.

    Nicolas Cassimis
    Hellenic Radio Magazine

  7. Nebosonic

    Pozdrav, dopao mi je u vlasništvo jedan vintage Hiwatt dr103 bez lampi. Koliko koštaju el34 i 12ax7 u quadu svaka?
    Hvala na odgovoru!

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