Nos in original boxes. Similar to famous cousin EL84 6BQ5, same pinout, but not direct replacement. Max Anode-cathode voltage is 275v and the screen max is 220v, Filament 6.3V 0.76A, PP almost 20 Watts …
I’ve seen these tubes under a lot of various logos like Siemens, Philips . . . I suppose that these tubes are from beginning of 80s,
ring getter, stapled plates in three spots, one slot on plates.

Philips AG9015 OTL Amplifier, AG9018, Philips AG9008-52 OTL MADE IN HOLLAND

Klein + Hummel Telewatt TS-60 Push Pull Amplifier, Klein + Hummel Telewatt TR60 Integrated Amp

Telefunken V819 Made in West Germany

Perpetuum-Ebner PE HSV25, Sennheiser VKS254

Jadis RC JP80 MC Mk.II, Jadis JP-200 preamp, Jadis JP80

Here is the same tube without any prints … They come in bulk packaging


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  1. Nenad

    molim vas da mi kažete gdje se i kako mogu kupiti te EL86 6CW5 EI lampe?

    kolika bi bila cijena za 10 a koliko za 50 komada, sa poštarinom do Hrvatske?

    koliko ih imate na stanju?

    lijep pozdrav

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