Siemens F2a & F2a11, indirectly heated long life tetrodes, both versions are electrically identical, the difference is just in socket. They are constructed exclusively for professional audio amplifiers, SE or PP, sound really nice triode strapped in push-pull amplifiers

F2A Siemens pentode

F2A Siemens pentode

F2a11 Siemens pentode

F2a11 Siemens pentodeF2a11 Siemens pentode

Closely matched pair, within 1%, almost identical tubes!!!


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  1. John

    How much matched pair?

    1. admin

      I don’t have enough time to finish my site and price list, please email me to for all details.


  2. Marco

    vorrei sapere se ha disponibili due tubi F2A11 da vendermi

    Good morning,
    I would like to know if you have available to sell me two tubes F2A11

    1. antonio

      salve, ho una coppia di f2a nos in scatola siemens le intesessano?

  3. mohsen

    hello.i want f2a tube.goodbye

  4. homan

    hi .can you send your f2a price to me?

  5. homan

    please send me f2a price .

  6. Rajkumar

    I need 2 pairs of F2a11 tubes. what is the cost?

  7. Johan

    Please send price matched pair. f2a and f2a11

  8. Urs

    Do you have a matched, brandnew pair of the f2a Siemens to sell? Please send me the price for it.

  9. Mićan Anđelković

    Želim da kupim jedan, ili dva para Siemens F2a.
    Da li imate na stanju i po kojoj ceni?
    Iz Novog Sada sam.

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