Dragan Nikolić started collecting vacuum tubes, vintage parts and tube gear since early 80s. Over time, that became his greatest passion and grew into TUBES.RS. We own more than 250,000 selected NOS tubes, mostly produced by world renowned manufacturers: Telefunken, Philips, Siemens, Mullard, RCA, GE, Marconi, Mazda, Brimar, Taylor Tube, Chattam, United El., Sylvania, Brown Boveri, Cetron, Miniwatt Dario, GEC, Raytheon, Tung-Sol, Ultron, Valvo, Western Electric, KEN-RAD, British Tungsram, United Electronics, STC, General Electric, Eimac, Elektronska Industrija EI Nis Yugoslavia, …

Since 2021 TUBES.RS is also an authorized Western Electric distributor for most of Eastern and Central Europe.

You may also check the items we have listed on eBay. If you buy directly, the prices are 10% lower.

If there is anything of interest for you in our offer, please, drop us an email to nostubes@gmail.com.

From time to time, we make special offers. If you wish to be informed about these hot deals, please subscribe to our mailing list.

Important update June 2021. – For more than twenty years Dragan Nikolić has been constantly asked to identify rebranded tubes. He enjoys doing this, but the time goes by and the same questions keep arriving. Let’s change the format and make a knowledge database! Please, do not email us anymore with ID requests, just upload instead high quality photos to our FORUM and he will answer ASAP. Thank you for understanding!

This site was previously hosted at www.geocities.com/nikolic_lj_dragan/Tubes/NOSElectronTubes.htm since April 1999.

Copyright © 1999-2022 tubes.rs

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  1. Manuel Chavez

    Cuanto cuestan el juego de tubos 6146b con el Dray y en cuanto es el precio en dolares para comprarlos y donde puedo hacer el deposito, y como y donde los recibo soy de Costarica

  2. TiborTakac

    Interesuje me cena dve,nove, cev,i Ecc82,Philips miniwatt
    pozdrav iz novog sada,T.Takac

  3. Del

    Would you have spare capacity for the following item?
    TB4/1250 Electron Tube
    This is for our own use in weld machine we operate at our business premises in the UK.

    I look forward to your response.
    Kindest regards

  4. Peter Ashton

    Hi Dragan,
    Can you please e-mail me the cost of postage to Australia for a matched pair of Tungsram PCC88 tubes.

    Thank you.

  5. Petar

    ECC 82

    Pozdrav drugar, trebaju mi dve dobre uparene ECC82s cevi, sta imate na stanju?

    hvala, pozdrav, Petar

  6. Shafi

    I need el 86 valve 2 pc how can pay for this

  7. Davorin

    Imam little dotmk3 preamp.
    Trebam 6hm5 matched pair. Imate li na prodauj i koju variantu imate na prodaju. Koja je bolja.jer prodaje se manja i velika varianta. Ako nisam u pravu, opraštam se.
    A šta preporucite umjesto druge lampe 6n6p? Namjeravao sam zamjeniti pinove za grijanje i probati ecc82. Imam jih nešto.
    Možem da platim pay pal ili visa.
    Hvala Davorin


    Hi I would like to buy a matched pair of the GE 211 VT4c tubes….How much please…

  9. Bill Strange

    I am looking for Siemens ecc83 preamp tubes
    I’m also looking for EI ecc83 as well

    My friend has Siemens Halske ecc83 1959 no date code except a 32 number on the bottom and in the first stage of my amp was heavenly!!

    So would you even have that kind of preamp tube??


  10. Vinyl

    Hi, which brands of 2a3 tubes you have? Please let me know the price amd condition about them? Rca and penta labs would be good.

  11. Walo

    Hi Dragan

    I would like to buy a quad of 1%-matched ans balanced Tungsram PCC88 / 7DJ8. But I don‘t see the way. Could you make me an offer?

    Kind regards

  12. Ognjan

    Treba mi izlazna lampa za ECL11? Da li imate?

  13. (Melvin)

    I need 10 pcs. of Tesla 7DJ8/PCC88 close matched tubes. Please give me a quote with the shipping to Vancouver.

  14. Chris Chin

    Please put me on your mailing list.

  15. Lado


    Trebale bi mi lampe za kenwood trio 510 . Imate možda komplet za izmenu? Ako ne koje bi imali?
    hvala i lp

    1. tubes.rs

      Postovanje Lado,

      Imam 6GH8A, cini mi se da idu tri komada u Kenwood TS510, a imam i pobudnu 12BY7 i izlazne 6146B.

      Srdacan pozdrav i 73 iz Beograda,


  16. Črt

    interesuje me cena jedne kt90 ei niš
    pozdrav, Črt

  17. Marco Bianchi

    Hello I am looking for a matched pair of GM-70 copper anode. Marco

  18. Giuseppe

    I need machin pair of 2a3 rca send to italy

    Best regard

  19. Tuan Hoang

    Hello you gave tube 845 rca or United

  20. naufal

    Imam 6GH8A, cini mi se da idu tri komada u Kenwood TS510, a imam i pobudnu 12BY7 i izlazne 6146B.

    Srdacan pozdrav i 73 iz Beograda,


  21. Tanpisut Suthapintu


    I am Sam

  22. Sam Galate

    Please add me to your mailing list

  23. Darko

    Molim stavite me na mailing listu. Također, imate li kakve posebne ponude za EL34/CA7 i ECC83/7025?

  24. Jon

    Could you please contact me at my email address, I would like to ask you a question.

    Thank you

  25. Clayton Brumfield

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  26. Mike

    Hello Sir I own a pair of OTL Amps they use EL509 Tubes 12 Tubes per Channel I would like to purchase the Yougoslovian EI Tubes as that is what is in them now . Is there any possibility of a replacement set you carry. I’m am not getting any younger and probably be the last amps I own

  27. Wojciech

    I looking for new 6AN8 tube
    Do you have ?

  28. Joseph Fabricatore

    Please put me on your mailing list. Looking for 12AX7 Ei Yugoslavia.


    Mr. Nikolic is a very serious person and sells fantastic rare tubes. Thank you very much. Highly recomended!

  30. Luc Decoster

    Bonjour je suis a la recherche de 2 tube vt4c ou autre 211 pouvez vous m’envoyer le prix pour une pair de tube bien a vous


    I WANT Α PAIR OF THIS TUBES Shuguang 805 FU-5M

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