How to find a NOS tube


  • The most sure way to find a nos tube you need is to send an email to
  • Try Search field, but just small part is uploaded to (I work on it hard, but still more than 75% tubes left to be uploaded)
  • Try to manually find (Ctrl  + F) in All tubes (PDF List) This is list of tubes I do day by day and here are listed also used tubes

4 thoughts on “How to find a NOS tube

  1. Kevin S

    Good evening,

    I am looking for a late 50’s rarly 60’s Telefunken and Mullard. 12ax7 balanced triodes less than 2% difference. Can I please get prices and even reccomendations on other tubes you may have. I already have Amprex, tesla cross swords, looking for great sounding tubes with different textures.

  2. Dimitrios Vastarouchas

    I am looking for AX50 Amperex or Philips whatever in better condition. Pls inform me for availability


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