PE1/100 YL1200, great pentode for audio use, pentode or triode mode
PE1/100 PE 1/100 YL1200 Philips RTC FrancePE1/100 PE 1/100 YL1200 Philips RTC France_Boxes

Matched pair with same date codes and same series stamp!


Click to see all Output pentodes and tetrodes in stock


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  1. m. inui

    Hello Sir,

    Please tell me the price PE1/100.

    1. fernando

      dea ser ;who make today PE1/100?————–

      how mutch cost your tube PE1/100
      how many pieces you have?—–

  2. fernando

    how much cost your tube PE1/100 $__________
    how peices PE1/100___________

  3. fernando

    quantas peças voce tem? PE1-100

  4. fernando

    quanto custa cada?

    1. fernando

      quanto custa estea valvula PE1-100

  5. fernando

    how maney dolares $ ELETRON TUBE PE 1/100
    how many peice you have? please?

  6. Fernando Lourenço

    How It cost tube PE1/100 4 peixes

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