RS1003 Siemens SRS 551 Audio Output Tube

Siemens RS1003, indirectly heated long life pentode. Transmitting tube which is often seen in professional broadcast equipement, very suitable for audio amplifiers, SE or PP, sound really nice triode strapped in push-pull amplifiers. East Germany equivalent is SRS 551 by RFT. Plate dissipation up to 60 Watts in class C.

RS1003 Siemens pentode indirectly socket heated audio tubeRS1003 Siemens pentode indirectly socket heated audio tube

Closely matched pair, within 1%, almost identical tubes!!!

Tube data for class C CW mode (max):

Ua = 1000V, Ug2 = 340V, Ug1 = -45V, Ia = 215mA, Ig2 = 29mA, Ig1 = 14mA, Pout = 155W, Pg2 = 10W, Pa = 60W

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  1. caoan

    Dear Sir, I want to by Rs1003 , I don’t know how much a pair , could you quote for me. thanks

  2. caoan

    Dear Sir
    I want to buy Rs1003 , How much is it? Thank you.

  3. Alpesh sheth

    I want sale RS1003 tube 3 pic any one by pl cont me

    1. murat

      Dear Sir

      ı have got more than 20 pcs and ı can sell
      brand new unused in original box
      please contact me

  4. Captainjohn.

    Can you give me via email the price of two tubes rs 1003 from Telefunken. Can you send me an email to my emailaddress? Thank you very much for your email and your address. Captain John.

  5. Johan Braamhaar

    When any one like Buy the RS 1003 .
    I have much in stock New and used .
    The used are tested an a MK4 AVO Tube tester
    Only i forsale with garantie from 2000 Hours with normal condition.
    The Prise is not cheap but yoou get Good Tube s

  6. Ken

    Please send me the quote for 2 match pairs.

  7. fernando lourenço

    quanto custa e quantas tem?
    QE08/200 or 7378 $——–
    YL1150 or 8579 $——–
    eu quero srs 551 $——–
    how muth they cost , how many piece you have?
    srs 551 $——- I want
    QE08 $——-

    I m from brasil here no factury eletron closed , we are need factury eletron tube
    dolar in my country brasil R$ 4,00 = $1,00

  8. FC

    I’m looking for some RS1003 valves, I would like to know if you have them and at what price in euro, including shipment to Italy.
    Looking for your answer by e-mail.
    Thanks you.

  9. Esteban Bikic

    Please could you quote for 4 pairs of matched tubes.

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