211 VT4C 845 RS237 UV211A 203

203 / GL-203A General Electric
VT-4C / 211 General Electric
211 General Electric rebranded CEI
211 Taylor Tube
211 / VT-4C RCA
211 / VT4C United electronics
UV-211A Toshiba
UV211A Hitachi

Marconi triode (unknown) Please help me with more info about these tubes


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5 thoughts on “211 VT4C 845 RS237 UV211A 203

    1. Tomislav


      Please give me the price for the 211 (VT4c) tubes:
      – one NEW matched pair
      – one USED pair

      Please give me your price without shippment.

      Thank you,

      Tomislav Kosovac (Zagreb, Croatia)

  1. cherd

    ็ow much moneyi will pay to you to have two tubes in Creta.
    211 / VT4C United electronics, or GE and socket.


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