211 VT4C GE rebranded CEI

VT-4C General Electronic rebranded CEI ( 211 / VT4C / VT-4-C )

VT-4C General Electric. This tube sounds clean, detailed with incredible depth … in original NOS CEI boxes

I can match tubes very precisely because I have a lot of them with same date of production, same internal codes, matched quad within 5% on above photos …


Click to see all 203 211 VT-4C triodes in stock


3 thoughts on “211 VT4C GE rebranded CEI

  1. Manho Oh

    Dear Sir,

    I’m Manho Oh, president of Silbatone Acoustics.
    Silbatone Acoustics is Seoul, KOREA based High-end tube gear manufacturer.
    We are intrersted in buying some GE VT-4C tubes.
    Would you let me know the price of matched pair of this tubes?

    Best Regards,

    Manho Oh

  2. paolo

    Dear Sirs
    I am interested in 211/vt4c tubes.
    Please let me know wich brand and prices for these tubes.
    Thanks for attention.
    Best Regards.



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