6463 Telefunken

Telefunken, diamond bottom, matched pair, same serials, perfect print. This tube is one of the “stronger” noval socket double triodes, similar to ECC86, but different pinout, Telefunken’s version is the best sounding of all 6463. Very nice tube to drive big DHT SE amplifiers.



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4 thoughts on “6463 Telefunken

  1. Hsin-Te Chang

    Can you sell NOS telefunken 6463 tube to me ?
    If you do,How much is your asking price for each tube ?
    How much is shipping charge to Taiwan ?

  2. Luigi

    good morning
    are interested in buying a new 6463 telefunken used could not know the price of the valve and shipment?
    thank you

  3. Timo telovaara

    I got pre witch needs 6463 tubes.
    I’m interested of telefunken versions
    Can you tell difference between other 6463 tubes?
    I need 2-4 tubes but it does not need matched pairs.
    And of cource the price would be nice to know.
    I make a list about other tubes that my set needs


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