ECC83 Siemens Halske 12AX7

These are original ECC83 12AX7 Siemens&Halske, made in Munich plant in 1967. They come in bulk service packaging of 100 pcs. Very quality tubes and it is simply amazing how almost all tubes are practically identical. But for fanatics, due to big number of same batch tubes I can match two practiclly 100% identical tubes!!!

This original Siemens&Halske ECC83 / 12AX7 is identifyed by plates with one side hole, dual getter arm (two support rods) and ring getter

– I63 ≠7E Siemens codes which means they are made in May 1967 in Munich plant in West Germany


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5 thoughts on “ECC83 Siemens Halske 12AX7

  1. James Kortvelyessy


    I would be interested in purchasing 2 Siemens Halske ECC83 valve.
    Could you let me know what the price will be and how I go about purchasing them.

    kind regards


  2. Jørgen hesselberg

    I am looking for 3pair of siemens 12ax7 tube.please let me know the cost and shipping charges to Denmark


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