E180CC Philips 7062 6414 6829 5965 12AV7

E180CC 7062 is very close to ECC81 / 12AT7 familly, especialy similar to E81CC / ECC801S premium types and to 5965 and 6414, a bit lower gain, long life 12AV7 with expected life of 10000 hours, made in Holland, three ribs plates. Very musical tube, great for audio use!

E180CC /7062 – Uf = 6.3/12.6V 0.4/0.2A; 5965 / 6414 – Uf = 6.3/12.6V 0.45/0.25A; All types have exact base connections

Perfect NOS, Δ3K1 Δ3K2 Herrlen codes 1963, matched pairs with no or low microphonic in stock.

Pinched top, foil D Getter from 50s, rebranded IBM, used tested OK

Big halo getter, SQ

E180CC Philips Miniwatt, matched quad, pull out from fully working testing equipement under service contract


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