E182CC Philips Holland 7119

New in original boxes, Heerlen codes, similar to 12BH7A; great upgrade for 5687 and ECC99

These tubes have high plate dissipation 4,5W each triode and 8W for both and they are great replacement for any current production ECC99 (rich overtones, excellent depth and height)

Large halo ring getter, ID6 delta codes Δ0E1 Δ1F3 (almost) perfect print on every tube, platinum matched pairs available within 5%


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3 thoughts on “E182CC Philips Holland 7119

  1. Georgi Vasilev

    I would like to purchase one pair of platinum matched – E182CC Philips Holland 7119 tubes!
    What will be the cost plus shipment to Burgas, Bulgaria?
    Thank You in advance, Georgi!

  2. gordan Skopje

    Drragane koja je cena za dva komada ovih e182cc? sto bi ponudio za 5687 nesto drugo? trebam i po dva komada 6sl7 i 6sn7

  3. Hannequin JLouis

    what is the price with shipping included to France for a matched pair of PHILIPPS E182CC, ID 4 or ID6 ?
    If you have it, could you send me an offer, photos and mesures of the tubes that I have to submit to my DAC designer?


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