2 thoughts on “ECC82 Philips 12AU7 Mullard Blackburn

  1. Sylvain Bigand


    I search some tubes on your website that interested me.

    10x PL95 EI
    2x ECC82 Philips 12AU7 Mullard Blackburn
    1x ECC82 12AU7 Philips Holland Dimpled disc getter
    1x ECC82 Philips 12AU7 Miniwatt Made in Holland

    Can you answer my request favorably !? Please note that I live in France. Thank you.

    Kind regards,


    1. tubes.rs Post author

      Hello Sylvain,

      Thanks for your interest in our NOS tubes, I have many PL95 / EL95 and really a lot of ECC82 / 12AU7 and premium, long life types E82CC / ECC802S.

      I’ve sent offer tou your email.

      Best regards and thanks for visiting http://www.tubes.rs


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