EL34 EI Yugoslavia 6CA7

New in original boxes, the only genuine EI version of EL34 from EI Nis tube factory. The 1st version was introduced in 1987, 10 years later a newer version was launched. 6CA7 was also made in Nis, Serbia but in bigger glass envelope of PL509/PL519 tubes and with slightly bigger power dissipation ratings. For this EL34, PL36 /EL36 socket and PL36 glass envelope is used. Disc getter and three holes in plates. A lot of these tubes were very problematic, more than 60% of regular production was under dissipation ratings, but some rare examples, carefully tested are great, sonicaly and by dissipation. I have two batches, one is year 1987 and another is 1998.

Perfectly matched quad, within 5%!

This is killer EL34 to any new production like JJ, Electro-Harmonix, Genalex-Gold Lion, Svetlana, Mullard, Shuguang, Tung-Sol, … EL34 6CA7 KT77.
They have been made in 90s, when EI factory has still been a respectable tube manufacturer, with tens of thosands tubes on monthly basis with strict quality control, tubes were printed depends on order, for many world famous tube brands like Siemens, Philips, Telefunken, RCA, Marshal, Jadis, Valvo, RTC, …

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20 thoughts on “EL34 EI Yugoslavia 6CA7

  1. Paolo De Marino

    Hello, i need of 4 EL34 “EI”. If available, please, let me know price, shipping cost for Italy ad payement method.
    Paolo De Marino

    1. Jose Franco Banzon

      Hi. I would like to buy a matched quad of Ei Yugoslavia EL 34/6CA7 nos tubes if possible. How much would it cost to buy a matched quad set including shipping by express delivery (5-7days) to the Philippines and what is your preferred payment method?

      Thank you.

      Jose Franco Banzon

    2. Carlos


      Can you tell me if these tubes are still available?
      I would need a quartet please
      Price and shipping to Germany?

      Thanks a lot

  2. Fausto Feo

    Hello, I’m interested in a quartet EL34 EI.
    And pssibile know the price of the pipes and quato spend it for shipment.
    Sincerely Fausto

  3. Gary Mattis

    Your comment is totally wrong ! , that is NOT the only version of a EL 34 tubes that was made by ; “Ei ” in Yugoslavia , , Ei made some flat top EL 34’s ! . I am not 100 % sure that Ei even made the pointy top ones in the picture actually ? ! , I think that Siemens may have made them for Ei because Ei had a huge failure rate of 50 to 60 % with their own flat top EL 34’s ? ! . The plates would actually glow bright orange and they would start to bias hot and distort after just a few minutes of use sometimes , I know first hand because I bought a NOS quad of them and one tube did just that exactly like they said it would ! . I used a RFT to replace it ! .
    Ei was part of Phillips (I think) by their tube boxes and their must have been either two Ei plants called ; Magnoval and Elecktronska Industrija or two sections at the same plant ? I am not a expert on Ei Yugoslavia by any means but I do know they sold 2 differant of El 34 tubes ! .

  4. admin Post author

    Hello Garry and thanks for visiting http://www.tubes.rs and leaving a comment!

    EI definitely has made “pointy top” EL34 which you could see on photos above.

    On the photos 6 & 7, the third EL34 from the left, the second row of symbols, you can see EI factory code (circle, broken at the bottom, with a dot in the center), the year code (“9” for the production year) 1999 and the month code. This is Philips tube code for Elektronska Industrija Nis tube plant (semicircle or horseshoe shape above dot)

    I’m from Serbia, ex Yugoslavia and I was born and live all my life 200 km far away from EI tube plant in Nis.

    I still remember the day when they have made this EL34 in 1987, as young I have made many AM transmitters and I used a lot of EL34s in modulators, all of them were Philips / Mullard, RFT or Tesla. Suddenly one day EI started to make them and you could buy them in many EI shops everywhere in ex Yugoslavia. These are pre-war tubes with exceptional quality, and as I mentioned in page above, after that quality dropped so you needed to use personal connections to get good ones.

    About your comment that EI had two tube plants, Magnoval and Elektronska Industrija … Magnoval is type of socket, and as Philips used Miniwatt on some of their older tube boxes, EI used, Noval or Magnoval instead of Miniwatt. You can see here examples for Magnoval and Noval:

    PL504 EI Nis Srbija
    PL519 EI Yugoslavia 40KG6A
    PCC88 EI Yugoslavia from late 60s

    EI didn’t make so many octal tubes, so they have packed PL36 and EL34 in Magnoval boxes. Also later KT90, 300B and 400B thay have packed too in Magnoval boxes, despite all of those tubes were octal base.

    Kind regards,


  5. Tomislav


    recite mi molim Vas koliko bi koštao par ovih 6CA7/EL34 cijevi te dvije ECC83 koje su se radile na Telefunken strojevima?

    Zanima me ukupna cijena sa poštarinom do Zagreba!

    Hvala i srdačan pozdrav,


  6. pierluigi

    Hello, i need of 4 EL34 “EI”. If available, please, let me know price, shipping cost for Italy ad payement method.

  7. luigi

    Hi i am italian and i am interesting quad el 34 EI RC. Tall me the price with shipping cost from ItalY
    King regards


    Hello, I need of 2 EL34 El , if available please ,let me know price , shipping cost for Indonesia adpayment method . Thanks Boy Alimoeddin

  9. milan

    potrebne su mi 2 EL34 Ei lampe uparene. Kupio sam par 1994 direktno u Ei katodnim cevima i evo sada su mi stradale 🙂
    Koja je cena i kada su proizvedene.

  10. Mark Kwok


    I am looking for 4 x “EI” 6CA7 (matched quad), please let me know the price and the payment and shipment (I am in Hong Kong) method.


  11. Sandro

    Hi,i need matched quartet of EL34EI let me know price,shipping cost for Italy and payment method .



  12. Mirza

    Trebaju mi 2 identicna para EL34 i 2 x 4 identicne ef95 mullard.
    Koliko bi sve skupa bilo sa poštarinom za Sarajevo.
    S Postovanjem,

  13. Matija

    Zainteresiran sam za 1 ili 4 tube Yugodlavia el-34 ovisno kolko koštaju sa poštarinom u okolicu Zagreba.


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