Paper in oil capacitors (PIO caps)

Plastic Capacitors 4uF/3000V (Mylar paper filter capacitors) LK30-405Z 29.50 euros each (NOS)

Type LK capacitors offer unusually good electrical characteristics, coupled with very small size and they are specifically designed for filter, bypass and coupling applications in the low audio frequency range.
Some of them are factory assembled in packs of four, some are in original single unit boxes.
Dimensions of single unit (in inches): 4 x 3-3/4 x 2-1/4
Date of priduction May 1982. US made, Chicago, IL.

Rifa (Sweden) 1uF/250V 2uF/250V

Vintage MP audio capacitors, rare and great sounding, ideal for tube amplifiers, made in Sweeden in 80s, by Rifa, pullouts from NOS military surplus modules by Ericsson, perfect replacement and upgrade for hi end amplifiers and preamps.

1 µF 250V MP (metal film & paper oil dielectrium, 38×16 mm, 85°) 20 euros pair
2 µF 250V MP (metal film & paper oil dielectrium, 38×20 mm, 85°) 30 euros pair

Easy way to Improve the tone of your tube amplifier – warm, rich in detail and 3D with these vintage PIO paper in oil capacitors!

Soviet 2uF/200V NOS MBGP-3 May 1967
MBGP is a military grade capacitor with aluminum foil insulated by oiled paper. Excellent choice for tube amplifiers and preamplifiers!
They are wrapped in original paper in sets of four pieces, price for all 4 ( 1 set) is 9.50 euros. Date of production May 1967. Export quality stamp!
Dimensions: L=31mm H=25mm B=25mm

Dimensions: L=31mm H=25mm B=25mm

If you need any other specific capacitor, please email me, I have big choice of NOS and used caps for restoration of vintage antique tube radio receivers, transmitters, transceivers and amplifiers.


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