RS1003 Siemens

RS1003 Siemens SRS 551 Audio Output Tube

Siemens RS1003, indirectly heated long life pentode. Transmitting tube which is often seen in professional broadcast equipement, very suitable for audio amplifiers, SE or PP, sound really nice triode strapped in push-pull amplifiers. East Germany equivalent is SRS 551 by RFT. Plate dissipation up to 60 Watts in class C.

Closely matched pair, within 1%, almost identical tubes!!!

Tube data for class C CW mode (max):

Ua = 1000V, Ug2 = 340V, Ug1 = -45V, Ia = 215mA, Ig2 = 29mA, Ig1 = 14mA, Pout = 155W, Pg2 = 10W, Pa = 60W

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  1. Captainjohn.

    Can you give me via email the price of two tubes rs 1003 from Telefunken. Can you send me an email to my emailaddress? Thank you very much for your email and your address. Captain John.


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