211 Taylor Tube VT-4C

Taylor tube, custom built VT 4C, Made in United States of America
Taylor Tube (Taylor Vacuum Products since 1931) based in Chicago, Illinois is company famous for heavy duty custom built vacuum tubes. In 1936 they have change the name and moved to new plant, also in Chicago and they launched their new slogans “More Watts per Dollar“Carbon Anodes” and “Tubes with a real guarantee

Perfectly matched pair 211 Taylor Tube VT-4C WWII JAN Stock April 1945

There are two types of Taylor’s VT-4C, different getters, solid thick disc getter and tin getter

Differences: GE vs Taylor
Although they seem to be identical construction, there are big differences. Taylor has just a bit squared plates vs completelly oval plates, tripple welding points at base (Ge has two), two screws (GE has one), strip line vs wire, …

Both grid and plate leads brought through side of stem instead of press, thereby preventing punctures and dielectric losses because of close spaced leads in press, as is the case in other 211 type tubes.

This tube sounds better than GE, it’s very close to RCA and United Electronics 211, in some amplifiers it’s even better


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5 thoughts on “211 Taylor Tube VT-4C

  1. Alvin

    What is the difference between solid thick disc getter and tin getter of the Taylor’s VT-4C, and what are the prices? Do you ship them to Malaysia and if you do what will be the shipping cost?



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