6KD6 Sylvania beam power pentode
EL36 Tungsram NOS bulk packaging from 80s 20€
EL509 EI Yugoslavia Nis 6KG6 79€, 160€ platinum matched pairs
EL519 EI Yugoslavia 6KG6 1984th (Philips) 100€, 195€ platinum matched pairs
PL36 EI Yugoslavia NOS from 80s 15€
PL36 RFT NOS 15€
PL500 RFT 27GB5
PL504 EI Nis Srbija
PL509 EI Yugoslavia 40KG6 dual mica 52€, triple mica 62€
PL509 40KG6 Philips Blackburn England
PL509 40KG6 Philips Holland
PL519 EI Yugoslavia 40KG6A dual mica 59€, triple mica 69€
PL519 EI Dual mica, super strong matched quad SOLD
PL519 40KG6 EI Yugoslavia USED triple mica Matched Pair 69€
PL519 40KG6A EI made for Tungsram Hungary 59€
PL519 40KG6 Philips platinum matched quad SOLD
PL519 Siemens 40KG6

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  1. f. bryant

    i would price,509,519,6kg6,6kg6a, 6n45c,for klv-1000,3-500z tube.thank you.

  2. Greetings I’m a well known and highly regarded Los Angeles Audio & Video dealer and need 6 or more high testing or NOS 6KG6 / EL 509 Tubes.

    Can you help me or refer me to anyone that likely can?

    I can be reached in my Los Angeles Audio & Video showroom weekdays (11-4) @ 310-472-8880 or after hours and weekends (10-10) on my cell 310-927-2260 text or e-mail me @ David@weinhartdesign.com

    FYI: Please visit my Audio & Video Los Angeles Showroom @ http://www.weinhartdesign.com/

    Making Better Audio Systems One System at a Time,

    David S. Weinhart CEO & President

  3. Tater

    How much are your el519 tubes

  4. Nathaniel Bradley

    l would like to know the price of the 6kg6a and the 3-500z tubes.



    1. tubes.rs

      Hello and thanks for your interest in EL519 tubes,

      Yes I have, dual mica and triple mica EI Yugoslavia, dual mica are 65 eur each, triple mica version is 100 eur each. For CB and HAM radio linear amplifiers, dual mica is recommended option.

      All tubes are NOS, tested.

      Kind regards

    2. Howard

      Yes also do you do repairs on them ? Klv 350 amplifier
      Do you do swapping amplier?

  6. Arun Bharath

    I am a hobbyist HAM radio operator based in India. I am looking to replace my existing vacuum tube with part number “EL519” or “PL519”. I would like to know the cost per piece of the vacuum tube EL519 / PL519.
    I would like to have 2 numbers of this part imported to Mumbai, India if possible.
    Please do send me the details about the technical specifications along with the pricing.
    Thanks and Regards
    Arun Bharath

  7. Radu Brudea

    A question: can an EL519 tube be replaced with two equal EL500 tubes placed in parallel and balanced? Of course, the supply surplus is ensured.

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